Our Story - Opal & Jade

Our Story

Opal & Jade is a collection of handcrafted jewelry where Asian inspiration meets European style. We created Opal & Jade because traditional Asian jewelry and fashion is intricate and beautiful but also not practical for everyday wear because of its fragility. We also believe that jewelry should be made from real materials and precious stones that will be long-lasting and beautiful for years to come.

Opal & Jade designs Asian inspired pieces with a modern yet timeless twist. Opal & Jade is made for real women who are strong, beautiful, and passionate. We created Opal & Jade because we wanted to create meaningful symbols for you to wear every day to remind yourself that you matter, that you are a strong, intelligent, and amazing woman. 

Opal & Jade is a female run partnership. We have chosen all of our materials with the utmost care in quality and fair trade. Stones such as the opal and jade will be used widely throughout the collection as they have special meaning to both Françoise and Pamela of Opal & Jade. Jade has been widely used in Chinese culture and is Pamela’s Chinese given name. Opal is Françoise’s birthstone and she has created many pieces of jewelry from Opal.

The Opal & Jade jewelry line will be made for everyday wear and will be created from organic materials such as gold, diamonds, and precious stones such as opal, jade, and diamonds. We have done our best to find the most trustworthy materials throughout our collection. The collection will be produced with high quality materials including gemstones and 14K – 18K gold. 

We believe that women are strong and beautiful and our collection is inspired by flowers that have deep rooted meanings. The lotus and water lily for example grow from the mud and dirt into flourishing and vibrant flowers. We hope that you enjoy our collection because it's made for amazing women just like you. 

Françoise Kout – Partner

Françoise Kout is a passionate, natural born jewelry lover. After her studies, first a 4 year goldsmith/jeweler school and second a bachelor degree in European Studies/business management at Haagse Hogeschool, she has over 20 years experience in working areas all related to luxury goods, namely jewelry, watches and diamonds at Gassan, Cartier, IBB, etc. 5 years ago she started her own business as designer and manufacturer of tailor-made jewelry mostly made out of treasures from family inheritance hardly worn and unworn precious materials. She is known for her designing capacities and knowledge about craftsmanship and materials.

Françoise will serve as the creative driver behind Opal & Jade. Given her experience as a jewelry designer, this will be her primary focus. 

Pamela Koo - Partner

Pamela was born and raised in New York City and has been living in Europe since 2009. She is currently the Digital Marketing Director at NVIDIA, the AI computing company. Previously, Pamela was the Marketing Director at Sony Music Netherlands and the Global Media & Digital Communications Manager at G-Star RAW, the Dutch denim brand. Pamela has agency experience in Amsterdam and in the US working at NBC Universal as Midwest Sales Director, Ambient Planet as an Account Manager, and Smith Barney/Citigroup in Wealth Management. She has over 14 years of experience in Communications, Business Development, Event Planning, and an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management.

Pamela will serve as the driver behind the business portion of Opal & Jade. With her experience in building brands and businesses, her focus will primarily be to grow the brand in key markets.