Opal & Jade Meanings

Opal & Jade Meanings

We've put together a glossary of all of the stones and materials that we use in our collection. Each of the stones have been hand picked because of their beauty and because of their deep meanings. 

Stones such as the opal and jade will be used widely throughout the collection as they have special meaning to both Françoise and Pamela of Opal & Jade. Jade has been widely used in Chinese culture and is Pamela’s Chinese given name. Opal is Françoise’s birthstone and she has created many pieces of jewelry from Opal.

Amethyst: The amethyst helps to protect your emotions, can help you to get in touch with your spiritual side, brings peace, and clairvoyance. Amethyst is known to help with enhancing your intuition and protection.  

Coral: Because of its organic origin from the sea, coral can be used to connect with nature and its variety of wonders. Red coral is the stone of passion and attracts love and prosperity. Happiness, optimism and creativity are some characteristics that coral can bring out.

Diamond: love, relationships, mental clarity. Diamonds are made from the hardest naturally occurring substance. 

Gold: It is a beautiful mineral of spirituality, understanding, and can help to connect to the elements. Gold has for centuries been a symbol of wealth, happiness, and positive energy. 

Hibiscus flower: wealth, fame, delicate beauty 

Iolite: This beautiful stone has been called many things including the water sapphire and the Viking Stone. Vikings used iolite as a lens to journey across the ocean. Iolite enhances curiosity and helps in building relationships. 

Jade: One of the most important stones in Chinese culture for thousands of years. It is the stone of the heart and beauty. It is said to bring balance, luck, health, prosperity, and virtue. 

Lotus flower: The lotus emerges through dirty, murky waters and grows into an exquisitely beautiful blossom. The lotus symbolizes purity and rebirth. It is able to overcome obstacles and can survive through difficult conditions. The pink (rose gold) lotus is the supreme lotus of Buddha. 

Morganite: It is known as the heart stone and the angel stone. It has the ability to bring about love or to help in rekindling old love. It is also said to help in communicating with angels. Morganite, also known as pink beryl, brings out qualities such as compassion, empathy, patience, and self-control. 

Opal: The opal is a fascinating stone that is able to catch the light and showcase a variety of colors creating a mirrorball effect. This special stone is said to bring out creativity and inspiration. Opals can help with moving forward in spite of obstacles. Because it is a water stone, it brings through water energy to reinvigorate you and enhance your sense of self-esteem and confidence. 

Pearl: The pearl also comes from the water and help to bring calmness throughout the ebbs and flows of life. Pearls also bring forth honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Pearls can also connect to femininity and can bring love. 

Topaz: The topaz brings balance, calm, health, and honesty. The blue topaz brings strength, leadership, and insightfulness. 

Waterlily: The water lily symbolizes love and life. Similar to the lotus flower, the water lily also is able to grow through the harsh murky waters into beautiful blossoms.