Wedding Season - Opal & Jade

Wedding Season

The Wedding Season Style Edit! 

If you're the bride-to-be, a wedding guest, or anything in between, we have our wedding season jewelry pics from Opal & Jade! 

Waterlily Diamond Studs
Waterlily Diamond Studs €900.00
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Amethyst Hibiscus Blossom
Amethyst Hibiscus Blossom €1,350.00
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Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring
Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring €920.00
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Dancing Hibiscus Earrings
Dancing Hibiscus Earrings €885.00
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Double Happiness Bracelet
Double Happiness Bracelet €130.00
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Lotus Flower Opal Studs
Lotus Flower Opal Studs €550.00
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Opal & Cherry Blossom necklace
Opal & Cherry Blossom necklace €895.00
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Opal Column earrings
Opal Column earrings €1,000.00
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Pink Ballerina earrings
Pink Ballerina earrings €725.00
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