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Handle with Care

Posted on January 31, 2016 by Francoise Kout

Your jewelry is made of precious materials so please handle them with care. It is wise not to sleep with your lovely jewels as they may get scratched due to direct contact with small quarts dust parts in your bed or turning while you are a sleep. Please take care of your jewelry and place it in a nice, soft plate or jewelry box at night. Automatic watches should be placed on the glass side or in a watch box.

When cleaning your jewelry, keep in mind that different materials need to be cared for differently. Pearls, opals, emeralds and several other precious stones cannot handle all cleaning liquids, so a gentle dish soap dissolved in water dipped in a soft cloth will suffice. Gold, platinum and silver can have a bath in hot water (about half a cup) with a tablespoon of ammonia and liquid dish soap. Diamonds, rubies and sapphires can have this same bath as well. Gently dry your jewels with a soft cloth or tea towel.

Back to the dirty work. Since precious stones need light to show their brilliance most stones are mounted with space sideways or underneath the stone. In these spaces, dirt and grease can easily get stuck. The hot water bath with liquid soap and ammonia should dissolve most of the dirt and the rest can be removed with a very soft toothbrush. Please do this very carefully otherwise you might damage the stones. After having done this clean them one more time with a soft cloth dipped in clean water and dry them with a tablecloth. Now you will be amazed how your beautiful jewels will shine and shimmer!

It is also wise to have the mountings of your jewelry checked professionally once every two years since the claws in the settings may be damaged or have become thin from wear. By doing this you might save your precious stones from falling out and losing them.

Gold can scratch gold and diamond can scratch diamonds. Therefore try to avoid wearing jewelry so closely together in order to avoid friction. While traveling pack your jewels in a jewelry roll separate from each other to avoid unpleasant damages.

Handle your jewels with care and wear them every day to sparkle!

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